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Leather & Suede Conditioner & Protectant

SKU: $6.95
No Oily Residue, Unnatural, Glossy Shine
Restores Original Luster & Shine
Repels Dust
Pleasant Fragrance
Beautifies All Leather & Suede in Seconds
Fast and Easy to Apply, Dries Instantly
UV Protection
Long Lasting With No Build-Up
6.75 fl. oz. - 200 ml.
Imported from Italy
Label May Vary

Protection for jackets and coats, saddle bags, leather furniture, boots, shoes, gloves, handbags, belts, briefcases, luggage and any of your leather and suede items.

Imported from Italy, the home of fine leather goods, Tocco Magico Leather and Suede Protectant is perfect for all your leather and suede items. Protects against fading and cracking, waterproofs, restores luster and beautifies in seconds.


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