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Motorcity All Metal Polish & Sealer, Case/12

SKU: $155.40
Long Lasting Shine
Carnauba Wax & Silicone Polymer Protection
Easy and Fast to Use
8 fl. oz. (236ml)
Previously Sold As DeNova

Let's face the facts – nobody enjoys polishing metal. The job only gets worse when you rub all day and end up with the same spots you started with. We knew there had to be a better, easier way to get the job done. We came up with it!

Motorcity Metal Polish is the world’s ultimate metal polish that not only brings out the best shine of any metal surface, but also seals the surface with it’s incredible carnauba wax! Non-abrasive, fast and easy with no need for a second step.

Don't try using Motorcity llike conventional polishes - It's anything but conventional. And, its incredibly easy to use!

Whether you're polishing aluminum, chrome, stainless, brass, copper or any metal – you'll want to use this product very sparingly – just a small amount at a time. Gently rub Motorcity over the metal surface (or use a power buffer) until a brilliant shine appears, then wipe the surface clean with a soft dry cloth. In one easy step, you can clean, restore, polish and protect all metal surfaces.

Easily removes stains, tarnish, oxidation, tar, bugs, grease, soil, rust, brake dust, water spots, and scuffmarks.

Motorcity will produce amazing results when used on aluminum, chrome, brass, stainless steel, silver, gold, and copper.

Motorcity will not damage any painted surface; there are no harsh chemicals or ammonia. It is completely safe with no hazardous fumes.

On Motorcycles

Removes everything from gas stains off of clearcoat, bluing off pipes, burn stains from boots, sun tan oil, plastic bags, rain coats, shoes and other unidentified burned material off pipes. Motorcity will do it without scratching the chrome or hazing it. Try other products and see what is left to your chrome or clearcoat.

Cut down your polishing time and extend the time between polishings. Half the time of other popular products, with no swirls or scratches. With Motorcity there is no more excessive rubbing. The creamy liquid spreads easy and lathers almost like soap! Not at all messy, Motorcity dries up into a white dust and can be easily wiped or washed off.

Make billet look just like chrome, quickly & easily without scratching.

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