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Tocco Magico Spray & Shine (6)

SKU: AS0003 $44.75
Tire, Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber & Canvas Protectant
Professional Product For Professional Results
Restores Color & Luster to Surfaces
Water Resistant - Long Lasting
Will not kick up onto doors and quarter panels
No Streaking or Spots
Use On Tires, Bumpers, Trim, and more
Use On Convertible Tops & Plastic Windows
Removes Wax Marks From Rubber & Plastic Trim
Fast and Easy, Needs No Wiping
Out lasts All Others
Imported from Italy
20 oz. (600 ml.)

Like no other product, Tocco Magico Spray & Shine is proven to resist the effects of harsh weather and car washes. Tocco Magico has been formulated specifically to Restore, Shine and Protect tires, plastic bumpers and moldings, rubber trim, canvas tops and plastic windows. Hides white hazing and wax marks on auto trim. Water resistant, holds up to repeated washings. Will not harm paint finishes or other surfaces. Fast and easy to use, saving you time and effort. Just spray and go. Requires no wiping or buffing.

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